Massage Services & Packages Offered

Standard One Hour Massage $60

Standard One and a Half Hour Massage – $80

Hot Stone Massage – One Hour – $80

Hot Stone Massage – One and one half Hour – $100

Prenatal One Hour Massage – $65

Prenatal One and one half hour – $90

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage – One Hour $65

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage – One and One Half Hour - $90

Mobile Massage Available – Must be booked with therapist directly – $80

Massage Cupping - Glass cups are applied to the body to create suction and negative pressure to help release deep tissue restrictions, relieve inflammation, stimulate blood flow, and much more.

$15 add-on to any massage

Reflexology – an ancient therapy based on the principle that reflexes in the hands and feet affect every gland and organ in the body. By applying systematic pressure to certain areas, the corresponding organs and systems are stimulated and the entire body relaxed. This is not used to diagnose issues occurring in the body.

hour $40

Chair Massage – too rushed for a full body session? Make an appointment for this quick fix for tired neck and shoulders.

$1 per minute up to 20 minutes

Ear Candling – used to help relieve ear discomfort and soften hardened ear wax, allowing your body to naturally excrete it. This session takes approximately 80 minutes and uses 2 candles per ear. Some face wrap massage is performed during the candling process.


Focus Massage – massage is focused on your neck, shoulder or other problem areas.

hour $35

Cranio Sacral Massage – This is a holistic healing practice using very light touch along with a series of specific hand holds to balance the cranio sacral system in the body. Client remains fully clothed and lies supine on the massage table while the therapist gently works the CSR.

1 hour $65
One and One Half Hour $90


Additional Services


Massage Cupping Face Lifting & Drainage Treatment - Face lifting and drainage treatments are incredibly effective even as a single application, but more effective when done in a series to facilitate clear drainage pathways and nourish tissue. Treatments should be done at least two days apart and not more than five days apart for the initial series. A series may consist of eight to ten treatments. Maintenance after can be one to two times per month. Benefits of the face lifting and drainage technique include:

• Loosening of adhesions
• Drainage of stagnant lymph and fluid
• Relaxation of tight muscles
• Stimulation of blood to the tissue and collagen and elastin production
• Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
• Movement of inflammation (as in cases like Rosacea)
• Strengthening the vascular integrity of the face

20 Minute Treatment $40/ Series of 8-10 Sessions $35 per treatment if prepaid

Face Wraps –these take approximately 20 minutes and may be added to any massage for an additional $15 charge. Face Wrap choices are:

Honey Face Wrap - offers a natural cleansing experience used for hundreds of years. Honey is known for its’ antiseptic properties and the use of it for a face wrap is beneficial for all skins types. The face wrap begins by gently cleansing the face with witch hazel. Honey is then applied and steam towels are placed over the face. The honey penetrates the pores and removes impurities. Reflexology is performed while you are relaxing with the steam towels. The combination guarantees a vacation from the outside world. After the honey is removed, you will enjoy a full face and scalp massage to finish the experience.

Green Tea Face Wrap - offers a luxurious treat for the skin. If you have oily to normal skin, this is the recommended face wrap. The face wrap begins with gently cleansing of the face with witch hazel to remove any dirt or makeup. The self-heating mask is then applied. It warms the skin and gently open pores to allow the green tea to cleanse and remove any impurities. Spritzes of rosewater are misted during the face wrap. Warm steam towels are then placed over the masque. Reflexology is performed while you are relaxing with the masque, which guarantees a vacation from the outside world. After the masque is removed, you will enjoy a full face and scalp massage to finish the experience.

Face Wrap – Scrub & Masque - Hot steam towels will be used during treatment. Mild facial cleanser used, then a new cell scrub for exfoliation & ending with a choice of natural honey, green tea masque, hydration masque or deep pore cleansing masque. Scalp massage provided, too! Allow 30 minutes for this treatment.


Castor Oil Pack – enjoy the immune system benefits of a castor oil pack while you relax on the massage table. This may be added to any massage for an additional $10 charge.

Paraffin Bath – hands or feet dipped in paraffin to soften and moisturize. This may be added to any services for an additional $10 charge.

Work Place Chair Massage - Interested in having a massage therapist at your location? Offices, schools, social events, or other facilities, if you are interested in treating people to a little stress relief but can't bring them all to our office, WE COME TO YOU! We are available to travel with our massage chairs. Whether it's two or two hundred people, call to schedule today!


Bronze – Allow one and a half hours for this treatment, which includes a one hour massage, castor oil pack, face wrap and paraffin hand bath.


Silver – Allow two hours for this treatment, which includes a one and a half hour massage, castor oil pack, face wrap, reflexology and paraffin hand bath.


Gold – Allow two hours for this treatment, which includes a one and a half hour hot stone massage, castor oil pack, face wrap, reflexology and paraffin hand bath.


Platinum – Approximately two hour treatment that includes one and half hour massage, castor oil pack, face wrap, face lifting and drainage, reflexology and paraffin hand bath.


SeaSource Detox Body Wrap – One hour treatment includes full body sea salt scrub exfoliation (releasing toxins, increasing microcirculation & stimulating skin to promote healthy-looking radiance), sea mud face wrap (enriched sea-derived mud that contains stimulating ingredients & marine botanicals that help purify, detoxify and condition the skin’s surface) and essential massage oil (stimulating & marine-derived ingredients help remove toxins and deliver nourishing minerals). Warm steam towels are used throughout the treatment, with the body eventually being fully enveloped in a warm blanket cocoon wrap. It wraps you in comfort and leaves your skin glowing!


Lavender Dreams Ultimate Experience – Enjoy the calming, balancing benefits of lavender for an uplifting, rejuvenating experience. A two-step body scrub, face wrap, hot stones are used on your back & shoulders, foot reflexology and a fully body application of lavender oil. Allow 75 minutes for this treatment.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates may be purchased in our offices, over the telephone or via email, and may be sent directly to the purchaser or the recipient via the US Postal Service for a small fee. Please call or email us with the information as to whom you want the gift certificate made out and include a postal address for mailing.

Massage Therapy Gift Certificates are perfect for holiday Gift Giving, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Employee Appreciation, or just to let someone know they are special.

Good News! – No Expiration Date on Gift Certificates.

Gift Certificates are redeemable for services only and must be presented at the time of the appointment. Gift Certificates may not be redeemed for cash, nor may they be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion. For packages or combined services, gift certificates must be redeemed by one guest in one booking. Coastal Massage Therapy, LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

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